Monday, August 8, 2011

Moving Forward...

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end"
                                                              - Closing Time by Semisonic 

This is a lyric from one of the worst songs EVER.  It is also a device to help explain the impetus of this blog.

Five years ago, four feature film Animators decided to get together and build a Treehouse.  Those animators became known to their studio as...
The Lozt Boyz - Paul Downs, Pete Paquette, Nick Bruno & Scott Carroll

After many years together, two of the Lozt Boyz (Pete & Paul), have been given the amazing opportunity to be closer to their families.  While those that remain couldn't be happier for them, they also can't help but feel a little more lost without them.

Though as they move forward, two new Lozt Boyz have been adopted.
Jeff Gabor & Melvin Tan

And with a new group comes a new beginning.  This is where the blog begins.

The Lozt Boyz hope to capture thoughts, experiences, and memories as they happen, and recall those of the past.

Consider it a candid look into the working lives of four friends trying to find their way in the amazing world of Animation.

There are no promises here.  In fact, no one really knows what this blog will become. 

Heck, this might even be the last post already.   

- The Lozt Boyz

For an odd retrospective of the previous five years, look here: