Thursday, August 11, 2011


A few weeks ago, the Lozt Boyz were asked to do a panel discussion at the Norman Rockwell Museum for the new Blue Sky Studios exhibit.

One of the artists in the crowd was Dinotopia's creator James Gurney.  He's an amazing artist/illustrator, and we were very honored that he did this caricature of us.

As a kid I loved Dinotopia and to think that he was interested in some of the crap we had to say was unreal.  Then again, maybe he wasn't interested and that's why he started drawing.  Who knows?

You can find this pic and more on his blog, Gurney Journey.

We especially like his description of Pete.

"Pete struck me as a good-natured sad sack, kind of like Eeyore—if
Eeyore were a frog instead of a donkey."

Haha ha...Love it!


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