Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Make Believe into the World of Animation

The Lozt Boyz are first and foremost kids at heart. That means living in a world of make believe and pretending to be what you're not. When I was a kid, I'd sit in front of the mirror making faces to myself and doing impressions. Little did I know I was laying the groundwork for becoming an animator.
Every animator I know seems to have a different specialty that makes them part of the unique puzzle of an animation team. For me, I struggle with drawing. I don't feel I suck, but I rarely get as much out of my thumbnails as my co-workers. Instead, I lean on the acting abilities that I forged when I was younger. Here is a taste of what reference can do for inspiring your animations.
Yes, this is a very specific style of animation. I'll be candid here in saying I'm offended when people discredit this as animation and call this, "a waste of the animation medium." In the end, animation is about telling a story. My technique to get that animation is of little importance. And besides, I've proved myself with a plethora of Scrat shots that show I can animate just fine without a reference road map. So... enjoy a Lozt Boy acting like a girl ;)
Password: education

-Jeff Gabor


  1. Thanks a lot Jeff, I love your stuff and your workflow, Great Video. :)



  2. Amazing work Jeff and thanks so much for posting this as it is a big help and inspiration to see whilst working on my next shot at Animation Mentor. Can't wait to see what you work on next.