Thursday, August 11, 2011


working title: "Modl Shet" (model sheet)

Modl Shet - is a crappy "lefty" drawing of the four Lozt Boyz.  Each likeness is spot on.

Lefities were started many ages ago by a Ms. Robin Luera (miss ya Robin!) and myself.  I don't think anyone but us liked them, but I hope to resurrect them anyway.

A "lefty" is a stupid name for a stupid drawing, drawn with your bad hand.  Each drawing will be inspired by the ordinary occurrences of work life.  

Since this is the first of the Lozt Boyz, I thought it would be fitting to create a model sheet to be used as a strict guideline for future drawings.

Please keep in mind, that a "lefty" is not supposed to be hilarious, it's just dumb... if a dumb 4 year old drew them.

After a long day of challenging yourself artistically, its fun to do something crappy.

- Nick


  1. I'm left handed Nick, you trying to say I'm a dumb 4 year old?

    *cries in the dark*